Our Story

Hot & Single presents a collection of streetwear clothing designed to help singles form meaningful in-person connections. We’re taking it back to the basics - both literally and figuratively. Our pieces are comfortable and fashionable, reinforcing our goal to return to the traditional way of dating.

So, we’ve come full circle. A few years ago, meeting people at work or through mutual friends seemed archaic with the sudden rise of dating apps. In fact, not having an online dating profile was considered odd. Now, after months of isolation and tragic online dating experiences, our lack of communication has only been magnified. 

Tired of hearing her friends complain about their dating lives (or lack thereof), our brand’s founder, Amanda, set out to create a solution. It was during her training for the San Francisco Marathon that an idea came to her. During her long runs, she inevitably came across hundreds of men and thought it would be funny to become a real-life advertisement for her single friends by creating a shirt that said, “My friends are hot & single.” This shirt marked the beginning of Hot & Single, a brand dedicated to facilitating in-person connections. 

Because, let’s be real - dating is hard, especially in a technology-driven world, where most of our conversations are through a screen. In person, everything is enhanced - experience sparks flying firsthand and finally get the meet-cute moment you’ve only seen in movies. 

As an inclusive brand, we don’t exclusively cater to singles. For those of you happily coupled, we designed apparel that allows you to support your single friends. So, next time you’re grocery shopping or out at the bar, you can help your friends find their match just by wearing our clothing. Just make them promise you’ll be in the wedding party. 

On a mission to transform dating culture, Hot & Single fashion makes a statement. Our pieces will spark conversations in any setting, giving you the confidence to stop wasting time scrolling through your phone and put your best self out there, regardless of where you are.

So, put your phone down. Put your Hot & Single streetwear on. Get out there. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Contact us at contact@hotandsingle.store